Animated collapse expand by Jquery

Written by @kerixa 24 February 2014

A very useful code for the website to show contents in the collapsed or expanded mode, so many space is saved in the page and the design of the page will be more beautiful. This code and animation is written by html and Jquery and is very customizable.

Code Snippet:

                                                <!-- this script is provided by coded by: Kerixa Inc. -->
<!-- this script got from by: Krishna Eydat -->
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var animatedcollapse={
divholders: {}, //structure: {, div.attrs, div.$divref, div.$togglerimage}
divgroups: {}, //structure: {groupname.count, groupname.lastactivedivid}
lastactiveingroup: {}, //structure: {}
preloadimages: [],

show:function(divids){ //public method
	if (typeof divids=="object"){
		for (var i=0; i<divids.length; i++)
			this.showhide(divids[i], "show")
		this.showhide(divids, "show")

hide:function(divids){ //public method
	if (typeof divids=="object"){
		for (var i=0; i<divids.length; i++)
			this.showhide(divids[i], "hide")
		this.showhide(divids, "hide")

toggle:function(divid){ //public method
	if (typeof divid=="object")
	this.showhide(divid, "toggle")

addDiv:function(divid, attrstring){ //public function
	this.divholders[divid]=({id: divid, $divref: null, attrs: attrstring})
	this.divholders[divid].getAttr=function(name){ //assign getAttr() function to each divholder object
		var attr=new RegExp(name+"=([^,]+)", "i") //get name/value config pair (ie: width=400px,)
		return (attr.test(this.attrs) && parseInt(RegExp.$1)!=0)? RegExp.$1 : null //return value portion (string), or 0 (false) if none found
	this.currentid=divid //keep track of current div object being manipulated (in the event of chaining)
	return this

showhide:function(divid, action){
	var $divref=this.divholders[divid].$divref //reference collapsible DIV
	if (this.divholders[divid] && $divref.length==1){ //if DIV exists
		var targetgroup=this.divgroups[$divref.attr('groupname')] //find out which group DIV belongs to (if any)
		if ($divref.attr('groupname') && targetgroup.count>1 && (action=="show" || action=="toggle" && $divref.css('display')=='none')){ //If current DIV belongs to a group
			if (targetgroup.lastactivedivid && targetgroup.lastactivedivid!=divid) //if last active DIV is set
				this.slideengine(targetgroup.lastactivedivid, 'hide') //hide last active DIV within group first
				this.slideengine(divid, 'show')
			targetgroup.lastactivedivid=divid //remember last active DIV
			this.slideengine(divid, action)

slideengine:function(divid, action){
	var $divref=this.divholders[divid].$divref
	var $togglerimage=this.divholders[divid].$togglerimage
	if (this.divholders[divid] && $divref.length==1){ //if this DIV exists
		var animateSetting={height: action}
		if ($divref.attr('fade'))
		$divref.animate(animateSetting, $divref.attr('speed')? parseInt($divref.attr('speed')) : 500, function(){
			if ($togglerimage){
				$togglerimage.attr('src', ($divref.css('display')=="none")? $'srcs').closed : $'srcs').open)
			if (animatedcollapse.ontoggle){
					animatedcollapse.ontoggle(jQuery, $divref.get(0), $divref.css('display'))
					alert("An error exists inside your \"ontoggle\" function:\n\n"+e+"\n\nAborting execution of function.")
		return false

	var map={}
	for (var i=0; i<arguments.length; i++){
		if (arguments[i][1]!=null){ //do not generate name/value pair if value is null
	return map

	var ac=this
		animatedcollapse.ontoggle=animatedcollapse.ontoggle || null
		var urlparamopenids=animatedcollapse.urlparamselect() //Get div ids that should be expanded based on the url (['div1','div2',etc])
		var persistopenids=ac.getCookie('acopendivids') //Get list of div ids that should be expanded due to persistence ('div1,div2,etc')
		var groupswithpersist=ac.getCookie('acgroupswithpersist') //Get list of group names that have 1 or more divs with "persist" attribute defined
		if (persistopenids!=null) //if cookie isn't null (is null if first time page loads, and cookie hasnt been set yet)
			persistopenids=(persistopenids=='nada')? [] : persistopenids.split(',') //if no divs are persisted, set to empty array, else, array of div ids
		groupswithpersist=(groupswithpersist==null || groupswithpersist=='nada')? [] : groupswithpersist.split(',') //Get list of groups with divs that are persisted
		jQuery.each(ac.divholders, function(){ //loop through each collapsible DIV object
			if ((this.getAttr('persist') || jQuery.inArray(this.getAttr('group'), groupswithpersist)!=-1) && persistopenids!=null){ //if this div carries a user "persist" setting, or belong to a group with at least one div that does
				var cssdisplay=(jQuery.inArray(, persistopenids)!=-1)? 'block' : 'none'
				var cssdisplay=this.getAttr('hide')? 'none' : null
			if (urlparamopenids[0]=="all" || jQuery.inArray(, urlparamopenids)!=-1){ //if url parameter string contains the single array element "all", or this div's ID
				cssdisplay='block' //set div to "block", overriding any other setting
			else if (urlparamopenids[0]=="none"){
				cssdisplay='none' //set div to "none", overriding any other setting
			this.$divref.css(ac.generatemap(['height', this.getAttr('height')], ['display', cssdisplay]))
			this.$divref.attr(ac.generatemap(['groupname', this.getAttr('group')], ['fade', this.getAttr('fade')], ['speed', this.getAttr('speed')]))
			if (this.getAttr('group')){ //if this DIV has the "group" attr defined
				var targetgroup=ac.divgroups[this.getAttr('group')] || (ac.divgroups[this.getAttr('group')]={}) //Get settings for this group, or if it no settings exist yet, create blank object to store them in
				targetgroup.count=(targetgroup.count||0)+1 //count # of DIVs within this group
				if (jQuery.inArray(, urlparamopenids)!=-1){ //if url parameter string contains this div's ID //remember this DIV as the last "active" DIV (this DIV will be expanded). Overrides other settings
					targetgroup.overridepersist=1 //Indicate to override persisted div that would have been expanded
				if (!targetgroup.lastactivedivid && this.$divref.css('display')!='none' || cssdisplay=="block" && typeof targetgroup.overridepersist=="undefined") //if this DIV was open by default or should be open due to persistence				 //remember this DIV as the last "active" DIV (this DIV will be expanded)
				this.$divref.css({display:'none'}) //hide any DIV that's part of said group for now
		}) //end divholders.each
		jQuery.each(ac.divgroups, function(){ //loop through each group
			if (this.lastactivedivid && urlparamopenids[0]!="none") //show last "active" DIV within each group (one that should be expanded), unless url param="none"
		if (animatedcollapse.ontoggle){
			jQuery.each(ac.divholders, function(){ //loop through each collapsible DIV object and fire ontoggle event
				animatedcollapse.ontoggle(jQuery, this.$divref.get(0), this.$divref.css('display'))
 		//Parse page for links containing rel attribute
		var $allcontrols=$('a[rel]').filter('[rel^="collapse["], [rel^="expand["], [rel^="toggle["]') //get all elements on page with rel="collapse[]", "expand[]" and "toggle[]"
		$allcontrols.each(function(){ //loop though each control link
			this._divids=this.getAttribute('rel').replace(/(^\w+)|(\s+)/g, "").replace(/[\[\]']/g, "") //cache value 'div1,div2,etc' within identifier[div1,div2,etc]
			if (this.getElementsByTagName('img').length==1 && ac.divholders[this._divids]){ //if control is an image link that toggles a single DIV (must be one to one to update status image)
				animatedcollapse.preloadimage(this.getAttribute('data-openimage'), this.getAttribute('data-closedimage')) //preload control images (if defined)
				$togglerimage=$(this).find('img').eq(0).data('srcs', {open:this.getAttribute('data-openimage'), closed:this.getAttribute('data-closedimage')}) //remember open and closed images' paths
				ac.divholders[this._divids].$togglerimage=$(this).find('img').eq(0) //save reference to toggler image (to be updated inside slideengine()
				ac.divholders[this._divids].$togglerimage.attr('src', (ac.divholders[this._divids].$divref.css('display')=="none")? $'srcs').closed : $'srcs').open)
			$(this).click(function(){ //assign click behavior to each control link
				var relattr=this.getAttribute('rel')
				var divids=(this._divids=="")? [] : this._divids.split(',') //convert 'div1,div2,etc' to array 
				if (divids.length>0){
					animatedcollapse[/expand/i.test(relattr)? 'show' : /collapse/i.test(relattr)? 'hide' : 'toggle'](divids) //call corresponding public function
					return false
			}) //end
		})// end control.each

		$(window).bind('unload', function(){
	}) //end doc.ready()

	var opendivids='', groupswithpersist=''
	jQuery.each(this.divholders, function(){
		if (this.$divref.css('display')!='none'){',' //store ids of DIVs that are expanded when page unloads: 'div1,div2,etc'
		if (this.getAttr('group') && this.getAttr('persist'))
			groupswithpersist+=this.getAttr('group')+',' //store groups with which at least one DIV has persistance enabled: 'group1,group2,etc'
	opendivids=(opendivids=='')? 'nada' : opendivids.replace(/,$/, '')
	groupswithpersist=(groupswithpersist=='')? 'nada' : groupswithpersist.replace(/,$/, '')
	this.setCookie('acopendivids', opendivids)
	this.setCookie('acgroupswithpersist', groupswithpersist)

	var re=new RegExp(Name+"=[^;]*", "i"); //construct RE to search for target name/value pair
	if (document.cookie.match(re)) //if cookie found
		return document.cookie.match(re)[0].split("=")[1] //return its value
	return null

setCookie:function(name, value, days){
	if (typeof days!="undefined"){ //if set persistent cookie
		var expireDate = new Date()
		document.cookie = name+"="+value+"; path=/; expires="+expireDate.toGMTString()
	else //else if this is a session only cookie
		document.cookie = name+"="+value+"; path=/"

urlparamselect:function(){[\w\-_,]+)/i) //search for expanddiv=divid or divid1,divid2,etc
	return (RegExp.$1!="")? RegExp.$1.split(",") : []

	var preloadimages=this.preloadimages
	for (var i=0; i<arguments.length; i++){
		if (arguments[i] && arguments[i].length>0){
			preloadimages[preloadimages.length]=new Image()


<script type="text/javascript">
animatedcollapse.addDiv('jason', 'fade=1,height=80px')
animatedcollapse.addDiv('kelly', 'fade=1,height=100px')
animatedcollapse.addDiv('michael', 'fade=1,height=120px')

animatedcollapse.addDiv('cat', 'fade=0,speed=400,group=pets')
animatedcollapse.addDiv('dog', 'fade=0,speed=400,group=pets,persist=1,hide=1')
animatedcollapse.addDiv('rabbit', 'fade=0,speed=400,group=pets,hide=1')

animatedcollapse.ontoggle=function($, divobj, state){

<b><a href="['jason', 'kelly', 'michael'])">Show Examples 1, 2, 3</a> | <a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.hide(['jason', 'kelly', 'michael'])">Hide Examples 1, 2, 3</a></b>
<p><b>Example 1 (individual):</b></p>
<a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('jason')"><img src="" border="0" /></a> <a href="'jason')">Slide Down</a> || <a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.hide('jason')">Slide Up</a>
<div id="jason" style="width: 300px; background: #FFFFCC; display:none">
<b>Content inside DIV!</b><br />
<b>Note: Fade effect enabled. Height programmically defined. DIV hidden using inline CSS.</b><br />
<p><b>Example 2 (individual):</b></p>
<a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('kelly')"><img src="" border="0" /></a> <a href="'kelly')">Slide Down</a> || <a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.hide('kelly')">Slide Up</a>
<div id="kelly" style="width: 300px; background: #D2FBFF; display:none">
<b>Content inside DIV!</b><br />
<b>Note: Fade effect enabled. Height programmically defined. DIV hidden using inline CSS.</b><br />
<p><b>Example 3 (individual):</b></p>
<a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('michael')"><img src="" border="0" /></a> <a href="'michael')">Slide Down</a> || <a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.hide('michael')">Slide Up</a>
<div id="michael" style="width: 300px; background: #E7FFCC; display:none">
<b>Content inside DIV!</b><br />
<b>Note: Fade effect enabled. Height programmically defined. DIV hidden using inline CSS.</b><br />
<hr style="margin: 1em 0" />
<p><b>Example 4 (part of group "pets"):</b></p>
<a href="#" rel="toggle[cat]" data-openimage="" data-closedimage=""><img src="" border="0" /></a> <a href="'cat')">Slide Down</a> || <a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.hide('cat')">Slide Up</a>
<div id="cat" style="width: 400px; background: #BDF381;">
The cat (Felis catus), also known as the domestic cat or house cat to distinguish it from other felines, is a small carnivorous species of crepuscular mammal that is often valued by humans for its companionship and its ability to hunt vermin. It has been associated with humans for at least 9,500 years. A skilled predator, the cat is known to hunt over 1,000 species for food. It can be trained to obey simple commands.
<p><b>Example 5 (part of group "pets"):</b></p>
<a href="#" rel="toggle[dog]" data-openimage="" data-closedimage=""><img src="" border="0" /></a> <a href="'dog')">Slide Down</a> || <a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.hide('dog')">Slide Up</a>
<div id="dog" style="width: 400px; background: #BDF381;">
The dog (Canis lupus familiaris) is a domesticated subspecies of the wolf, a mammal of the Canidae family of the order Carnivora. The term encompasses both feral and pet varieties and is also sometimes used to describe wild canids of other subspecies or species. The domestic dog has been one of the most widely kept working and companion animals in human history, as well as being a food source in some cultures.
<p><b>Example 6 (part of group "pets"):</b></p>
<a href="#" rel="toggle[rabbit]" data-openimage="" data-closedimage=""><img src="" border="0" /></a> <a href="'rabbit')">Slide Down</a> || <a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.hide('rabbit')">Slide Up</a>
<div id="rabbit" style="width: 400px; background: #BDF381">
Rabbits are ground dwellers that live in environments ranging from desert to tropical forest and wetland. Their natural geographic range encompasses the middle latitudes of the Western Hemisphere. In the Eastern Hemisphere rabbits are found in Europe, portions of Central and Southern Africa, the Indian subcontinent, Sumatra, and Japan.
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</html><a target='_blank' href='' style='font-size: 8pt; text-decoration: none'>Html Best Codes</a>                                                


About @kerixa

I am Krishna Eydat. I studied Software Engineering at University of Waterloo in Canada. I lead a few tech companies. I am passionate about the way we are connected. I would like to be part of something big or be the big deal!



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